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In the Beginning: Embracing the seasons

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We are definitely entering a time of change here along the shore.

NeoGreen offers solution to wetsuit recycling

Thankfully for cold water surfers, Jack O’Neill invented the wetsuit. What he didn’t invent, however, was a environmentally friendly way to dispose of it once it’s been retired.

Clearing the lungs of the watershed: The whole dam story

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On a warm autumn morning, a Maryland stream has turned silver as several thousand small fish crowd around a break in the dam overhead. Their mouths are eagerly open. There’s oxygen here.

Aquaculture needs to ‘consider its neighbors,’ residents say

After a recent uproar about the potential impacts of shellfish aquaculture in the Inland Bays, local residents gathered at a massive meeting hosted by state Sen. Gerald Hocker Sr. and state Rep.

Nature-lovers taking new path to enjoy coastal Delaware

By Memorial Day of 2015, residents and visitors to coastal Delaware will finally be able to enjoy the Assawoman Canal Trail.

In the Beginning: Passing over the baton

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I am but a bridge.

Targeting the tributaries: Healthy bays start in Your Creek

If people can Adopt-a-Highway or become “Friends” of the local library, why can’t they become friends of their local waterways? Now they can.

A field trip without getting on the bus

Middle-schoolers plant their own garden

Royal Farms saves costs, environment

Royal Farms, a privately-owned chain of gas and convenience stores headquartered in Baltimore, Md., has been working for nearly a decade to make their stores environmentally sustainable.

Bob Burnquist talks eatin’ clean & goin’ green at the Dew Tour

Bob Burnquist has been a professional skateboarder since he was 14. He holds the all-time record for the most X-Games medals, with 26, and Tony Hawk has named him as his favorite skateboarder.

Message in a plastic bottle

Chavatel uses digital artwork to send real-world message

Discover your own island with eco-tour

Do you know how a starfish eats? Have you ever caught fish with a giant seine net? Have you ever splashed your friends with a sea squirt while sailing to an island?

Delaware Botanic Gardens puts down roots with 99-year lease

A $1 lease might be the best deal that anyone will get in Sussex County.

In the Beginning: Spring never felt so good

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Take a second and feel that weird sensation. Can’t quite make it out yet? That’s OK. Close your eyes and just soak in what’s happening around you. Still stumped?

It’s warmth.

Re-tired artwork in Sussex County: Mechanic transforms en-tire-ly into artist

A flamingo watches cars fly down the highway in Dagsboro, Del. She’s hanging out with a peacock, a rhino, a reindeer and a snowman determined to see spring.

Connecting the dots on Delaware’s Outdoor Trail

How do you explore Delaware? On foot? On bicycle? For 10 minutes at a time during a lunch break?

Blue Scoop takes green ice cream beyond mint chocolate chip

For five years, the Blue Scoop in West Fenwick, Del., has been offering local residents and visitors the chance to enjoy some green — er, blue ice cream.

Energy saving tips from a BPI-certified auditor

Unplug your toaster:

Simply unplugging your toaster can save up to $30 a month on your energy bill.

Easy windows fix:

VegFest to celebrate healthy eating for people and planet

With society becoming more and more interested in being environmentally conscious, people are looking at ways to make both the planet and themselves healthier.

Celebrating 25 years of good shopping, good people and good ACTS

Almost every single day, people wait in line for the doors to open. But what’s behind those doors isn’t a nightclub or movie premiere.

Rehoboth’s VegFest expands to three-day event

VegRehoboth recently announced that it will host the 2nd Annual Rehoboth Beach VegFest on June 13-15 as an area-wide celebration.

Every little bit helps ...

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Here we are, the winter of 2014, and it has come in like a lion to this point, somehow moving past the “lamb” portion to which we’ve all become accustomed.

Natural Dairy Products brings jobs, gold-standard facility to Delaware

Independent, family-owned Natural Dairy Products Corporation found the perfect match in Newark, Del., for its relocated headquarters and gold-standard dairy operation, where it will make and distribut

No wax? No worries

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Local surfboard shaper uncorks solution to foam waste

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